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Thoughtfully written, off the cuff.

My Intrigue over the Fickle Nature of Human Personality

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Can people change?

Not for an exterior but for real?

Can people change?

If they do; what does it feel like sham, drudgery, or surreal?

Can people change for the sake of love?

Or rather be unloved?

Can people change with the passage of time?

Or rather be naive?

Can people change who they are?

Or are they just wasting beats?

Can people change without mimicking someone in turn?

And if they change once, can they ever return?

Can people change for real, with no deceit, no pretense?

For if they can change in such a way, do they give up their incense?

Can people change?


Truly it makes no sense…

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Whodunit? It wasn’t me, perhaps it was you. There’s only one way to find out. Let’s dwell into the most shadowy and exciting of literary creations: the stylish sleuths and the investigators along with their somber sidekicks and comic companions. Who doesn’t enjoy a good mystery? The suspense grows with…

When restlessness makes the mind cluttered

Photo by Ralph Mayhew on Unsplash

Patience is advantage, Patience is key.
When restlessness makes the mind cluttered
When haste makes waste, for everyone to see
When all is lost, with no reprieve in sight
When you stumble and fall down from height
Patience is advantage, Patience is power.
Sometimes it’s better to pick your battles
Sometimes the prey will walk right in
Sometimes waiting is all it takes to win
Sometimes things fall simply in place
If only you show patience in adversity’s face.

And What it Teaches You in the Personal Sphere

Photo by Mikołaj Idziak on Unsplash

Vilfredo Pareto, is an important man to the students of economics and business. Sometime in the late 1800s he was fussing about in his garden when he made a small but interesting discovery. Pareto noticed that a tiny number of pea pods in his garden produced the majority of the…

Photo: James Cousins (Unsplash)

Not every story will end with a tone,

For sometimes it will fade unknown…

Sometimes there will be shine, a burst, and then void

And at others

fear, shame, and despair all alloyed.

Not every story will be complete

Not every story will find an end

But on this, the…

Photo: Stephanie Ecate (Unsplash)

Every time you are down and out,


And obstructed by doubt…

You gape “Why hurdle after hurdle?”


You wonder if life is a full circle.

The path does hold many obstacles

But are they surely shackles?

Why curse the pebble of the path?

It is not an obstruction but simply the path.

The path is obstacles, obstacles are the path.

Photo: Filip Mroz on Unsplash

Push-ups are an all-time favorite exercise around the globe. One of the most effective bodyweight exercises of all time. The reasons are simple: no equipment, a modest amount of space, and great gains. Several people understand push-ups only for their chest gains, but they’re also great for your triceps, deltoids…

3 methods to live up to your potential

Kill your excuses bury them deep; Heed this advice as wise counsel to keep (Photo: panyawat auitpol)

Today, more than ever, we have a plethora of things competing for our attention each wakeful second. Our attention spans have been marred by the onslaught of the pleasures of the senses. Our indulgences have grown and our resolves have weakened. The problem with life is: if you do not…

An Honest Question for Everyone

Photo by Sneha on Unsplash

We can be uninterested, absent, and aloof to a fall.

We can be dull pigeons oblivious to all,

Who seeks the truth I ask?

Who is ready to unmask?

People on the news?

Facts? fiction? or simply views?

For them, is evidence a real concern?

No…No, the news has to be entertaining and fun.

Why worry about honesty?

Why care at all?

Who attempts authenticity?

Does lying lead to a fall?

To speak the truth is dangerous

And to hear it; is just a boring call.

Oh! To you your truth is sacred.

You follow it no matter — how much hatred…

Or do you just follow the agreeable?

Sorry, that is not the truth but just a parable.

Truth is anything that aids your account.

Its relevance to nobody is paramount.

Story of a failed revolution

The Residency, Lucknow. (Photo by Shadows Galore)

The last of the spring’s night grew darker,

their objectives bred, grew, and became starker.

The sepoys rallied against their chiefs,

they had to wage a battle for their own beliefs.

Their god and religion were dear to them, above all

For Him, they would sacrifice entirely and take this…

Samarth Dwivedi

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